One-to-one Restart


What stops us from living a carefree, active and creative life?


The answer is simple: our fears and beliefs.


All of us have experienced carefree periods of our lives. We know how it feels to be entirely involved in an activity, or to solve problems that seemed to be impossible.


Creativity is not talent: it’s a way of operating


The pessimistic voices in our head are quite stubborn, and these voices will result in defeatism.

These negative daily mantras are given from the people surrounding us, including parents, teachers, etc.

Eventually, these messages become our beliefs that cause spiritual blocks of our everyday life.


Restart helps you to find the reason behind your spiritual blocks and makes you aware that your previous beliefs are only the results of a bad life conditioning.


We explore your motives, your mentality and your reflexes together.


After this experience, you will open a new chapter in your life. Due to this supporting process you will be more conscience. You will realize, that the disks of your life are rewritable. The bad sectors are repairable, and you are the source-code of your life.


The process helps you to realize your strengths and motivations.


What we can do for YOU:


  • One-to-one feedback, honest and open attention.
  • Inspiring questions and new situations during the coaching processes will help you to release new energy and find new solutions.
  • We will challenge you to get out of your comfort zone, and start a change.


Why is it worth starting? 


 Because you will have more energy, creativity than ever, and also, you will become more focused to achieve your dreams.


 Time period : 6 - 10 x 1 sessions 



Restart for TEAMS and COMPANIES 



How to run and/or work in a creative team or company?


First of all, either you are an employer or a leader you have to face problems and the creative blocks of the company.


You also have to realize that playing unnecessary games, cheap selfishness, and mistrust are all waste of energy.


If you want to profit as a team member and as a person, you need a new way of operating. 




Clear communication will be an essential component of your new life.


We define the positions, the expectations, the values and the mutual/diverse points.

We practice each other’s respect by understanding perspectives different from our own.

The honest feedbacks will lead to a positive atmosphere, where new goals will be articulated.

Everyone has to find their own place and importance in the system.

New ideas and proposals should be heard.


Without the old way of operating, new energy will be released with trust, creativity, constructive and positive debate, and proactivity.


Routinism will be replaced by new, unique solutions!


Think Without Clichés! Two-day training.


Time period: 1 - 3 days



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