Women’s Leadership Program For Companies


  • 2 x 2 days training
  • 2 x 1 day workshop 
  • 6-10 occasions of one-to-one coaching


The key to the success of women leaders is to realize and consciously use the instinctual leading powers in their womanhood. As soon as they are aware of this power, they will comfortably work in their position.


To become a trustworthy leader, one must recognize the false beliefs and crisis about her role as a woman.

This is essential, since these beliefs block them in self-assertion and assertive communication.


The goal of the training is to activate the inner power of women, in order to become trustworthy leaders.


The last module of the program is a mixed group workshop, focusing on the understanding of the differences between men and women.


It is essential for both genders to learn how to communicate, and co-operate with each other as a team.


1.   Self-knowledge module - 2-day training

Focuses on women’s problems and crisis


Women’s fears, beliefs, crisis

“Stop being a little girl!”

          Girlish socialization patterns, blocking them to get on

Changed women’s roles (mother, helper, instead of leader)

                       Fighting stereotypes- response reactions


Women’s strenghts – leader values



2.   Leader module, 2 – day training

Focuses on leader topics leadership topics – from a woman’s perspective

                    Leadership styles, situational leadership


Stand for yourself and be yourself as a woman

Personal boundaries– Assertiveness

Credibility as a woman leader

How to become an inspiring leader



3.   Module – 2 x 1-day workshop – mixed groups

Focuses on the differences between men and women.

 Recognizing and understanding gender differences



Different gender behaviors: perception, thinking, risk management, responsibility, decision-making, handling emotions, authority

Gender differences in attitude (rational, emotional, intuitive)


Different Needs in Co-operation (communication, roles, leadership)

Frames – Defining Genders in Cooperation

Differences in Men’s and Women’s Conflict Negotiation Styles

Differences in Communication -

Creating a Common Language

Women-Men Advantages

Creating Synergy


Lead Coach: Molnár Éva

Coach, Trainer: Kiss Péter



36 30 5159420

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