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creativity.jpg“Creativity is not a talent, it’s a way of operating!”

John Cleese, Monty Python


John Cleese and his surreal, brave comedy group irrevocably rewrote the British mainstream humor.


“How can you compare him with us?“ – you may ask.

“Creativity was his job. He had no other option.”








Do we have to be creative as an employee? Of course!


Unique ideas always work out better, than boring thinking patterns, whether it be company management or product development, sales or reorganization.


 Most of the meetings start with enthusiasm.

“Today we are going to make it!”

The employees sitting in the office start to write their thoughts and ideas on the flipchart, and by the end of the meeting, the ideas are killed by rationalization. We all know this situation.


But what happens with the rest of the ideas? I tell you: they remain on the flipchart forever.

Enthusiasm, stamina and focus fade, the daily routine is more important.


How to create an environment for creativity at work?

How to voice out the wonderful ideas?

How to reboot ourselves to focus on the innovative new ideas instead of being a member of a uniform and agreeable crowd ?


Exceptionally successful companies like Apple, Prezi, Southwest, USTREAM, Patagonia, Toyota employ stubbornly creative people. This is what makes their products magnetic, and their company more profitable than their competitors’.


The aim of our two-day workout is to RESTART YOU.

We always focus on the problems of the company or the team.

Your new frames will boost new energy.


By the end of the program you will dare to think and act like the most creative ones, and you will dare to dream as you used to when you were a child.

You will not be discouraged again, because you will stubbornly believe in you creative energy. 


2 day workout

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