Peter Kiss 


Free people react consciously to their spiritual blocks, fears, false beliefs which makes them carefree, proactive, creative and energetic.



My experience includes 15 years in the media. I began as an intern and continued to grow my career as a reporter, editor, later a reporter based in Washington D.C.

3 years later, back in Hungary again, I became the producer of the TV2 soap opera “ Jóban Rosszban”, than I continued to work as the director of the biggest production company of the TV, where a couple of years later, I became the program director.


I’ve always been motivated to create something big and new.


The media is an exciting sector, full of interesting people and I had the chance to work with them in Hungary and in the USA too.

I experienced the pleasure to work in a creative working environment, but in the last couple of years I had to face the fact that my real inspiration is to explore people’s motivation, emotional blocks and to help them make their lives better.


To me, creativity is the main motivation in life.

It doesn’t matter what your job is, I truly believe, that everybody can be creative.


Creativity is important in a financial job, it is essential if you are a lawyer, a blue-collar worker, or a worker in a car factory. Just think about Toyota.


I turned to coaching in 2008, in the beginning of the crisis.

During the budget cuts and reorganizations, I started to feel that I lost my dynamism. Moreover, the media sector incomes halved in those years.


Plans, analysis, external consultants and endless meetings characterized this period of my life.


Instead of having a brake, I just let those things happen.


Needless to say, because of feeling powerless I could not be creative.

This was the turning point of my professional life. I realized that I didn’t want to be a yes man anymore.  I realized that I agreed with too many things that people said or asked me to do. Eventually, I was just the shadow of the person I used to be.


I was driven by fear and false beliefs. I couldn’t hear my inner voice.

I got stuck solving my problems. I was impatient, and stressed.


During my own coaching process, and the following coach-training period I finally understood my spiritual blocks and I learned how to handle them consciously.


A whole new world opened to me: mistrust and games were replaced by the honest facing of problems.


I was released! I changed! I became open to people.


Due to the honest communication, I found myself in a creative environment.


Since then, I have been living a more productive life with entirely new dimensions.


This is what makes RESTART my mission. It is never too late to restart.


Peter Kiss


+36 30 515 9420


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