For a carefree, proactive and creative life…


Restart was created to help you find the carefree, proactive and creative YOU in yourself.  

After exploring it, you will benefit both emotionally and financially.


This is also true for teams and companies.

 If they are open to solve their problems, they will not only have creative, progressive products, and proactive co-workers, but also a cliché-free thinking in the management issues. 

These companies will become attractive, and everybody will want to join them, because passionate creativity is fascinating.


Imagine a workplace, or a family where you can be carefree, and you are supported to do what you love to do, where your ideas are acknowledged, and you can support the ideas of the others.

 This is what all of us dream about and yet, we dare not speak about. Instead, we start to enumerate the cheap excuses why we would fail if we started a change.


The most common answer is: LIFE IS NOT THAT EASY.

 The good news is: LIFE IS HOW YOU CREATE IT.


If we really want to be satisfied and successful, we should stop making excuses, also, we have to learn to face our crisis, fears and beliefs.

We turn our thoughts and focus inwards and ask ourselves:

Why do I insist on routine solutions? 

Why am I so afraid of changes?

What happens if I start to explore new ways?


The first step is hard but it’s worth. 

The straight and narrow path of logic, the well-known life patterns are safe, but at the same time, limiting.



We have to excite our curiosity!

If we want to achieve unique and innovative solutions, we must dive in our associations and switch off our awareness.


 Truly successful people simply know how they work. They know their values, strengths, and have faith in themselves.

 Truly successful companies are the ones that recognize how the employees work and function. Working relationships are based on trust.

These companies dare to dream big, all ideas are heard, and the mutual goals are obvious.

If you trust the people you work with, you can be open, honest in your thoughts and creative in your actions as well.


 There is no real breakthrough without the harmony of rationality and heart.

If you start to work with us, you will experience unexpected new things in yourself, and you will recognize that these things have always been there.


If you feel like becoming RELIEVED, ACTIVE and CREATIVE, to RESTART YOURSELF or YOUR COMPANY, contact us!



Peter Kiss and THE RESTART team


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